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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hooptedoodle #74a - Fantasy Christmas Venue No.1

Thinking around the general theme of running away for Christmas, I immediately came back to a fantasy I’ve had for years. Flight to Naples, limo from the airport to the Hotel Palumbo, Ravello. My mobile will be switched off for a while.

Of course it would be ridiculously expensive, and to tell the truth I don’t even know if they open at Christmas [yes – I think they do, but they are booked up for years]. Ravello is on the cliffs above the Amalfi Drive, on the Gulf of Salerno – comfortably away from the crazy traffic on the coast road, about 1000 feet up, and the Palumbo has views right along the coast, over Maiori and Minori towards Vietri sul Mare.

A few books to read, a glass of brandy on the balcony, maybe even the occasional walk as far as the main square (now pedestrianised), just to work up an appetite for dinner. The odd snooze in the afternoon. Hmmm.

Of course we’d have to take a suitcase full of Lego for my son, or he’d be bored out of his mind, and it really isn’t a very practical proposition, but on a cold, wet morning in the Scottish Borders it will do until I think of something else.

The “Venue No.1” heading for this post does not mean this will be a series, and, no, I’ve never stayed there (don’t be silly), but I have ogled the place for years, off and on, and I did once walk into the reception area and ask for a brochure. Have a look at their website here...


  1. Hmmm.... it would have to have fantasy weather as well though...... 12 degrees and raining to tomorrow there....... roll on the Mediterranean sun next summer....... :o)

    1. Fantasy weather would be a bonus, but 12 deg C is pretty good for me - I can drink indoors too.