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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Hooptedoodle #428 - Someone Was Watching, After All

Developments in the UK Parliament this morning do not require any particular analysis or applause from a nonentity like me, but I should like to observe that I find it comforting that there might still just be some decency and commonsense out there somewhere.

It would be inappropriate to celebrate someone else's misfortune, of course, and I'm confident things may get worse before they get better, but it is just a straw to cling on to. I have, in any case, decided to avoid getting involved in political matters now, in the interests of my own health.

Anyway, it seems that the Mussolini Effect is still alive and kicking, and I hope that Mr Johnson does not hang around too long where he is obviously not wanted. In his own best interests, I hope he gets a new job doing something more useful, in a healthier environment.

[Please note that I shall not publish or reply to comments on this post - please have a quiet moment to yourself to consider what might come next. Thanks.]

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