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Saturday 1 October 2016

My Own CCN-based rules for the English Civil War

The latest test version of these rules is maintained on Google Docs - if you wish to download them for personal use, these links will get you to the Rules Booklet, a Quick Reference Chart, a Stand of Pikes tracker, the Command Cards the "Chaunce" Cards and details of the "Ramekin" system for activation.

The last page of each of the card sets is to be printed on the reverse side of the sheets, to provide card backs.

The full Commands & Colors: Napoleonics rules, which are available to download from the GMT Games website, are also useful background reading, and give good worked examples and diagrams.

These rules are still being developed, so I am pleased to receive feedback on any play experience you have with them. Please do not distribute any of this material without contacting me, and I would expect to be credited with authorship if the stuff is shared. If you don't like the game, please don't slag me off in some arcane corner of the Social Media - helpful suggestions will be welcome! Courtesy never cost anything...

[This post is simply a place-marker, to tidy up some of the chaos in my layouts!]

Current version is 3.01, updated April 2020 - QRS sheet and a note on the alternative "Ramekin" activation system are new for Ver 3.01


  1. Thanks for this, I might well use your rules. I recently made myself a small Commands and Colors board for my 15mm Ancients.

    I'll see if my 28mm ECW collection will fit into my 90mm hexes and still look reasonable.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Paul - thanks for this - recommend you hold off for a couple of weeks! - once I've updated the Quick Ref Sheet there will be a new version downloadable - that will be Ver.2.65.

      Regards - Tony

  2. Many thanks for posting this valuable resource - combining one of my favourite game systems with one of my favourite periods. Are you aware of any C&C style scenarios available online?

    1. Hi there - no, I'm afraid not. I've been asked a couple of times if I would care to prepare such a set of scenarios, but I think I'll swerve that. I play solo a lot, and my games are often part of a campaign, so the idea of producing a balanced battle as a standard work (to be discussed and supported) isn't directly useful to me and doesn't appeal. If you (or anyone?) would like to build up a scenario collection I'd be interested to hear about it, but it is not something I am motivated to do myself.

      Hope you enjoy the game - the latest rule fixes (Ver.2.70) undo some alterations I made in the previous version - I'm trying to keep the game as simple as possible. As I get older, I find simple rules give the most absorbing battles! If you wish to have a gentle chat about these rules, or send me some photos of your games, email me at the address in my Blogger profile.

      Thanks very much for your interest, hope you enjoy the games as much as I have! - best regards - Tony

    2. Thanks for replying so promptly. I share your enthusiasm for simple rules. I have too many boardgames gathering dust because the weighty rulebooks deter me and hence my love of the C&C series. Your profile tries to convert my browser to Chrome so I can't get to your e-mail - I'm at

    3. Hi - not sure what's happened there - sounds like dirty tricks from Google! - if you just take a note of the email address in the profile, it's a normal btinternet address, so you should be able to just type it into your mail browser. If there's still a problem, please let me know and we'll think of something else. Actually, now I think about it, I'll send an email from my personal (civilian, non-MSFoy) account.

  3. Thanks for the rules, spot on

    1. Thanks for the appreciation - much appreciated!

      Hope you enjoy the games.