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Wednesday 29 March 2023

Guest Spot: The Mighty Albannach (30mm ECW)

 I'm delighted to feature some photos very kindly sent by my good friend Albannach (Iain). He is a great fan of vintage 30mm - especially the Jason range produced by Les Higgins, back in another century.

He writes: Very happy for you to feature these. The command are two Traditions sculpted by Stadden. There is one Tradition musketeer and one pikeman, interestingly the latter is marked 'Marcus Hinton' on the base. The rest of the foot are Higgins

I [also] have nine mounted figures, but need to find a painter to do them justice. 


If anyone has any of these figures, or knows of any, or has any interesting information about them, please send a note for Iain to this blog and I'll pass it on.

In the meantime, here are some delightful pictures for your delectation. The big figures certainly have a presence, don't they? Many thanks, Iain!


  1. That is a real treat for the eyes, just what I needed after a hard days work. They are lovely figures, really nice.

  2. Iain is a mutual friend even though we have never physically met and have just finished painting a couple of Jason figures, they are beautiful. Iain very kindly sends me the spare ones that he doesn't need.