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Monday, 17 May 2021

Hooptedoodle #396a - Another Mystery Object...

 We have something of a tradition here at Chateau Foy of being very partial (I almost said "susceptible") to the occasional gizmo - an unlikely knick-knack which someone out there wishes to convince us all is the solution to some problem we never realised we had.

The Contesse Foy has recently obtained this. I had never even heard of such a thing before, but it comes with some positive reviews. So, as usual, I am left to wonder am I the only guy on the planet who has never come across one of these...?

Right, gentlemen - you may well have one, and use it daily, and you may be astounded that I am so ignorant as never to have seen one. So - I ask you, in a spirit of gentle quizzery, as a bit of innocent fun  - what do you think this is? 


I'll put up the answer in a day or so - please send in suggestions - the wackier the better. If you know what it is, that's fine too, though less interesting...

Oh - yes - it's made of flexible plastic - the glimpse of my hand in the upper photo gives an idea of scale, and the fact that I can lift it confirms that it is not heavy.


  1. Is it one of those devices for separating people from their money?

  2. I wore one for months, and though it chaffed no end I think it was worth it. Get it fitted by a professional would be my advice.

  3. I have a feeling it is something you put a baseball cap in to protect it whilst washing.

    Either that or it is some form of athletic support.....

    All the best,


  4. It's a bird feeder for extra big suet balls.

  5. It looks jolly useful, but I think the hamster has escaped.

  6. Surely it is a device to aid in the steaming of ones codpiece...

  7. Clearly this is a modern contrivance for tribal groupings who still desiccate shrunken heads, as per their ancient traditions, and for display.

    The aforementioned noggin is placed in the cage like section, such that it might 'drip dry'.

    It's so obvious...

  8. Looks dangerous Tony. I was going to opt for something gynaecological, but I'll go for hat re-shaper.

  9. It's for scooping-up hedgehogs for transportation to their summer pastures without gloves!


  10. Displaying the severed head of one's foe ?

  11. You're holding it upside down. Turn it the right way and it becomes obvious.