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Friday 7 August 2020

Quiz: There Are Places I Remember...

Some have gone, and some remain.

I was sorting out some old notebooks and files of - well - tat, really, and I found some old addresses connected with my wargaming interests over the years. I thought that some of this stuff must be well-known (and I'm sure 10 minutes with Google could destroy the fun anyway), so I offer the following (random) list of addresses and part addresses, to see if anyone knows them, or can remember what/who they are/were.

Because this is entirely (unfairly) slanted towards the UK, and my own interests, figure scales and periods, I offer it simply as a fun quiz - no prizes offered. See how many you can identify. Send me a comment, and I won't publish it if it contains answers. Or you can email me at the address in my Blogger profile (I assume that still works).

Whatever, I'll publish the answers next week.

(1) The Square, Earl's Barton


(2) Station Street, Meltham


(3) "Rowsley"


(4) Ponteland


(5) Northam Road, Southampton


(6) 20 St Mary's Road, Doncaster


(7) Lovel End, Windsor Forest


(8) 66 Long Meadow, Frimley


(9) 69 Hill Lane


(10) 75 Ardingley Drive, Goring-by-Sea


(11) "The Quantocks"


(12) 130 Wexford Avenue, Greatfield


(13) Spade House, Sandgate


All these places had their moments...








  1. "........with gamers and friend's I still can recall"? Certainly some are gone but not forgotten. Off the top of my head I can see Hinchcliffe, Minifigs and WRG in the list, plus a couple I should know but cannot bring to mind.

    Plus as a bonus I now have an earworm. Still as earworms go 'In my life' is better than most.

    1. Earworms - after the publicity surrounding her recent passing, I spent over a week humming Vera Lynne's famous rendition of the traditional Inuit hunting song, "Whale Meat Again", and it drove me nuts. I tried all the classic earworm killers (sing "God Save the Queen", or the theme from the "Archers" (BBC radio show of great vintage, for mystified non-UK readers) or Ravel's "Bolero" - none worked).

      Eventually I just sang it out loud for a while, and that sort of worked. Mind you, my family left me.

      As you say, Lennon-McCartney not a bad source, as things go.