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Saturday 20 June 2020

Update to my C&C-based ECW Rules

This post is overdue - I was working on some changes back in April, but hadn't got the links formalised for Google Drive.

The latest version is 3.01 - as always, there is some typo-fixing, and I've simplified some rules because the (imagined) added cleverness proved to be outweighed by the extra complexity (constant theme).

One of the big changes is that I've now included a more-or-less coherent note on the use of my optional, dice-based Ramekin activation system with the ECW rules. This does a number of things, the chief of which is removal of the Command Cards from the game. Ver 3.01 of the rules also uses a coloured font to identify the parts of the rules which are changed in the absence of the Cards. I have been surprised to learn that a number of people actually use these rules now, and it is only right and proper that I should try to ensure that the "official" downloads are up to date.

The downloadable documents should now allow use of Ver 3.01 with the Command and Chaunce Cards or, as an alternative, the Ramekin system. In passing, Ramekin has proved (fortuitously!) to be absolutely invaluable for playing C&C Napoleonic games remotely, via Zoom, which is an accidental bonus I had not planned for!

As ever, please bear in mind that these rules are primarily for my own use, they are supported and maintained on an occasional, best-endeavours basis, and I don't really wish to hear how awful they are(!) - I'm delighted to discuss them if anyone has any suggestions which are consistent with what I have tried to achieve with them. Also - of course - if the links don't work properly, please do let me know! Google Docs and its offspring have always been pretty much intuitive in use, but I use them so infrequently that I have a tendency to forget best practice!

If you are interested, or want to update the versions you have, you will find the link in the top right corner of this screen.


  1. Sounds very interesting, thanks. Ramekin system may be better for solo play, I suspect. I will certainly take a look!

    1. Hi David - if you play solo, you may wish to read through the Chaunce Cards to see if any of them should be removed (as meaningless) for solo play

  2. I shall download these to have another good read and likewise I think ramekin will be suitable for solo play. I intend to start my ECW project before the end of the year!
    Can I ask where the illustration is from?

    1. Hi Graham - thanks for interest - any questions about any of this, please just shout.

      Illustration - afraid I have no idea - I used to subscribe to a library service which provided royalty-free and copyright-free images (or so they claimed) for my publishing business - I had a few complaints from people who reckoned some of the images I used were their own property, so I stopped subscribing to the service, but I find I can still access my (closed) account, so the picture came from there! I suspect the library service don't do much work for their money...

      If I've been bad again, please let me know, and I'll ditch the illustration!

  3. I still haven’t given them a try. Maybe next weekend.