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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Marshal Ney's command base now complete

The command grouping for Ney is finished now - the third figure is a General de Brigade from the Chief of Staff's department. This extra figure (on the left here) is another Art Miniaturen casting - this time an old, OOP one.

Don't tell us that Old Foy got three postings out of a single figure group, they chorused - has the man no shame at all? Well, I guess not - guilty as charged.

You know what happens to newly-painted troops? - these fellows are bound to meet with a very sticky end at Quatre Bras on Tuesday...


  1. They certainly call to mind the painting in the round in the museum at the Waterloo battlefield. Lovely work!

    Best Regards,


  2. Looks excellent.
    I'm just picturing him charging British squares while Rod Steiger screams 'what's he doing, what's Ney doing???'

  3. Glad to see someone else adding the occasional Art Miniaturen figures. I have found them quite nice and a welcome addition when Hinton Hunt or DK figures are unavailable. I have also gotten a few very nice figures from Franznap, but those have yet to make an appearance on my painting table.

    Your command base is splendid and a tour de force of great modeling and painting technique. Love it!

    David (miniature minions)

  4. Very nicely done indeed, and no shame in squeezing three posts out of a command group like that:)

  5. A damn fine looking command stand Ney would have loved it himself!

  6. A splendid base to lead with.

  7. Very fine. Perhaps he will have better luck at Quatre Bras than his historical counterpart?

  8. Thank you all, gentlemen - apologies for slow comment response - I'm having more problems with Blogger, and have just been through a day when I could comment on other people blogs, but not on my own. Do you think these computers will catch on?

  9. Nice little vignette Tony.

    Dan/Ney seems to be riding on straight ahead, unperturbed by the pleadings of his staff.
    GdB: Sir, I beg you, outflank zese Dutchmen on ze right!
    AdC: Mon prince*, we must wait for ze guns to catch up.

    * in classic warfilm fashion, they all speak English with a foreign accent and the odd foreign phrase thrown in.