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Thursday, 18 April 2019

French Refurb Project - The Freitag Battalion

What better use for a new flag than to stick it on a new unit? I am delighted to welcome The Freitag Battalion - much travelled, and very kindly painted by Jonathan - a very big help indeed with shifting the backlog, and excellently done too.

These are the first battalion of the 26eme Ligne, who will form part of Ferey's 3rd Divn of the Armee de Portugal of 1812. For the casting nerds, the rank and file here are Les Higgins figures from the 1970s, all stripped and recycled, and probably very pleased to find they are back on duty. As always with Higgins figures, it's a challenge to find compatible command - the officer in the second row and the porte aigle are Qualiticast, the colonel and the drummer are from Art Miniaturen and the officer at the back is by NapoleoN.

Many thanks to Jon - this is really very much appreciated, and they will make a fine addition to my army.


  1. Bravo! Painting these figures was an enjoyable exercise. I hope these lads serve you well!

  2. Msr Foy you are very lucky to have master Freitag as a friend, he did a sterling job on those chaps.

  3. Looks great; mine are now at least primed and glued to their painting sticks! :-)

  4. Blimey, that was quick Jonathan :) Very neat looking battalion.