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Monday, 23 November 2015

Quickest Online Shopping Ever...

Just a very quick quickie...  I ordered up some plastic sleeves for the new cards in my Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Expansion #5 - I ordered them online from Board Game Extras, and they arrived in just one working day. I don't know how that rates where you live, but in these parts that's pretty impressive. Very slick - I like it.

As they say on eBay, recommended supplier. By the way, if you want to fit these sleeves for C&C cards, you want the Mayday Games 2½in x 3½in, heavy quality...

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  1. I have had some wonderful service from businesses recently, Green Knight Games, Peter Pig, always superb, old Glory - ditto and Minibitz, very different from the days of sending off a postal order more in hope than expectation of ever receiving the toys. General standard of service is so much higher than it used to be although a few companies still seem to operate on the assumption that the less the customer knows the better. The only problems I have had recently have been a direct result of the actions / inaction of the postal service - parcels left in bizzare locations and with people who can only have been chosen by a random postcode lottery draw. Look forward to hearing how expansion 5 plays out . Thanks for your blog, always a pleasure to visit.