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Saturday 27 November 2010

The Grand Tactical Game - Complete Rules

I'm supposed to be working today, but it's snowing heavily, so I've taken the opportunity to get the various pieces of the MEP rules stitched together. Result is the first proper version of the game, downloadable from here.

I've taken a little time to check it hangs together, but there will certainly be some typos and inconsistencies remaining. If anyone spots anything daft, please let me know - I am reconciled to an open-ended period of tweaking and fixing!

I'll do some serious playtesting over the next few weeks, and then transfer the rules onto the computer - the game, however, should work perfectly well with dice and lots of red wine...

I'll have to get on with organising the Salamanca session. Watch this space.


  1. 'Dice and lots of red wine' that's my kind of wargame Tony. I will most certainly download a copy and work through them.


  2. Cheers, Lee - I've put in a smartened-up version this morning (Ver 1.0.2), which is now officially called Rules rather than Draft! I've corrected a couple of cross references, fixed some long-lived typos. Future corrections should be for stuff that doesn't work, rather than things I typed wonrgyly!

    Still snowing like a maniac here - I may never be seen again.