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Saturday 2 December 2023

Guest Spot - More Big Higginses!

 Many thanks to Albannach, who sent me photos of some additions to his fine collection of 30mm "Jason" figures by Les Higgins. 

He says:

"Attached a few photos of my latest haul of Higgins 30mm, plus a Stadden mounted general. Just finished basing them after having got them back from being painted by a very talented chap at the club. 

The painter is a chap by the name of Will Sykes – I don’t think I could get to that standard myself, and I wanted them to look as good as possible."


  1. They are seriously very good, lovely figures and very well painted, lovely stuff!!

  2. They are beautiful figures Tony! Kudos to Albannach.

  3. Lovely characterful figures. :-)

  4. They look wonderful. Thanks for posting them Tony and congrats to Will and Albannach.
    Regards, James

  5. These are delightful. The chap on the grey horse waving his hat nobly, is the Willie Prince Rupert.