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Monday, 16 July 2018

"Jason" Figures - guest appearance

Following my recent post about Les Higgins, my noble friend The Bold Albannach kindly sent some photos of some 30mm Jason figures from his collection. These were produced by Les Higgins Miniatures in the 1970s, featuring in the catalogue I scanned and posted last month, and they are rare now. Albannach uses these with Minden and Cran Tara figures, and says they fit in well.

Thanks Iain - these are lovely. The "Katzenstein Supporters Club" seem well pleased with their insurance policy, but quite what the aforementioned "Courtesan" lady is doing in the artillery is a matter for discussion, I think. Printable suggestions welcome.


  1. Printable suggestions? As an important member of the artillery crew, swabbing the gun seems a well-suited task.

  2. The Jason's are indeed fine figures.

  3. The 'ladies' look like they would be right at home in one or another of the 30mm (Ted) Suren ranges.

    Best Regards,


  4. Boosting moral, she's boosting moral, nothing more, nothing less!


  5. She reminds me of a secret agent I once knew, hiding a plan of army dispositions in a place that modesty would ensure was safe.

  6. She is making a tactical adjustment of her defences! As it happened, the gun crew to the rear was sniped by my Jaeger, so in the campaign narrative, the wench gets an honourable mention for distracting the enemy gunners.

  7. Inspired and beautiful, love the first vignette especially, great job!

    1. Thank you, I have a long-standing affection with the figures of Les Higgins, and although I no longer collect his Marlburian and Napoleonic figures, I still keep an eye open for the 30mm 'Jason' figures...they are so elegant and fit in well with contemporary 1/56 or 30mm ranges.

  8. Some fine characters there, from a range before.