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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Histofig - courtesy of the Wayback Machine

A sample of what's on the Histofig archive - some Württembergers
I'm not sure if this is strictly legal, but I thought I'd share it - if I get complaints, I'll pull the post, and you can forget I ever mentioned it.

I used to be very fond of a very nice French website, Histofig, dedicated to Napoleonic uniforms and army organisation - it was not always easy to find your way around it, and it was never complete, but a lot of what was available there was attractive and very useful, and featured the very fine colour illustrations of Frédéric Pouvesle. [And before anyone asks, no - I don't mean Historifigs, the American figure manufacturer who still make some of the Scruby ranges.]

Anyway, like a lot of things one doesn't appreciate sufficiently at the time, it suddenly vanished. I gather that the information on the site was subsequently made available on a commercial basis - I don't know very much about that.

To my surprise, I am informed that it is still possible to access at least part of the old site, it is archived HERE. This post is just for info - I have no stake in this - if it is useful to you, have a look. It's always sad when these things are lost to us.


  1. It was a good resource, for sure. Like you, I always had difficulty navigating around the website but eventually struck upon that for which I searched. I do see some of the plates offered commercially. Maybe those offerings are not legit either?

  2. I remember that site! Found some very good information and graphics on the Nassau troops of the period in, believe it, or not, the summer of 1998. I think I still have the printouts somewhere.

    Best Regards,


  3. A funny post. These homepage was one of the first I found when I got my first computer. I printed them for my archive and when I check the date on the print it was 1998 too. Puh, what a long time...

  4. I found this helpful post in your 'greatest hits' section. Fabulous. My kleptomania meant that I had saved most of the plates to my computer over the years that it was available. It's great to be made aware of this archive version for those that I did not save then and for the textual descriptions. One can never have too many plates and descriptions of Napoleonic uniforms!!
    Cheers, James