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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spanish Uniforms on Alfons Canovas' Blog

Cazadores of the 1st Bn Voluntarios de Valencia, Oct 1811

It's a bit feeble to produce a blog post which merely points to someone else's blog, but Alfons Canovas, on what must be the finest military uniform blog in the entire cosmos, has produced more marvels for us. For fans of the Peninsular War, like me, there are some wonderful plates of Spanish troops in his last 3 posts, and the series appears to be continuing. If you are not a regular visitor to Alfons' blog, then do yourself a favour and go and have a look at this latest post and start working backwards - make sure you have a comfortable chair, some coffee and plenty of time...

Without any apology, I reproduce the illustration of Valencian light troops - a rare enough sight - as a taster, if only to share with Mr Kinch one authoritative solution for how to dress their officers!


  1. Alfons has been posting some great and very unusual pics for a while, he's well worth a visit, i totally agree, Hopefully I'll be sending you a flag this weekend to do your thang with!

    1. Hi Ray - if you can make the flag image pretty big, to keep the resolution high, that will be great.

      Cheers - Tony

  2. It's only the 'finest military uniform blog in the entire cosmos' if you condone the wholesale posting of copyright material - which is ALL this bloke appears to do.