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Sunday, 21 November 2010

My French Army - new pics

I recently got some new units based up, and am now in a position where, once I get a single battalion of foot dragoons ready for garrison duty, my French army has finally attained the organisation target I set myself about 30 years ago. Admittedly there has been a little scope creep over the years.

To celebrate this landmark (saying nothing at all about all the limbers which are still to be built and painted!) I thought it was time we had some more soldier pics on the blog - there's been an awful lot of words lately!

They are all set out in order, staff and artillery at the front, skirmishers at the rear. From left to right (as we see them), the columns are

King of Spain's Guard

Spanish line troops

Italian brigade

1st German brigade

2nd German brigade

6 French line brigades

Reserve artillery, plus garrison troops and artillery and engineers

Heavy cavalry

Light cavalry

With a couple of minor pieces of wargamer's licence, the army is a representative section of the Armee de Portugal with a rather more colourful reserve contingent, dating from around Spring 1812. The Emperor (who doesn't get out of The Cupboard very often) has obviously flown in from the frozen north to review the troops.

Hope you enjoy these - see how many figure manufacturers you can identify!


  1. A tabletop wonderful army you have amassed there! The room and decor look inviting too. How about celebrating your painting/collecting milestone with a glass of something medicinal from that bar table I spy in the background?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi,

    It is a great pleasure to read your blog. I just stumbled upon some scraps of NapoleoN Figuras listed on a german on-line shop and recalled your lament for the sad disappearance of the Les Higgins line. No doubt you know about it already but here is the url in case you don't:



  3. Stokes - thank you very much. The room is our dining room, as you will have gathered, and the table (French oak!) is a good size for putting my 8' x 5' battleboard on.

    The Allied opposition were the subject of a similar photo in a posting on 4th Sept, but they are still short of a few units. The medicinal suggestion is a good one. You are my kind of doctor.

    Jim - thanks to you also - I knew Kamar had some odds and ends of NapoleoN - Portuguese & French infantry last time I heard - I'll check them out.


  4. Magnificent collection Tony, truly inspiring. I must go take a peep at your Allied armies now. Reminds me of just how much more painting I have ahead of me! Lovely table too.

    Great blog, always well worth reading, and I'm enjoying following the development of your rules.

    All the best,


  5. An unbelievable sight ... I've just only finished one give me hope. Truly a inspiring, I'm awestruck.
    By the way, I see that on one end of the table there still is room enough for a couple of regiments of cavalry and a few battalions of infantry (hint, hint)