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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Grand Tactical Game - End of the Day

This week, progress with the blog has been upset a bit by events in the Real World - a place I avoid whenever possible. The Combat examples have been a bit delayed, though I have done some re-writing of the MEP rules draft, which will appear shortly in downloadable form.

In the interim, here's a general note about victory conditions, nightfall, what happens at the end of the day - all that stuff - which is to be incorporated into the draft as one of the optional rules.

As ever, I'd be very grateful for any comments or (polite!) suggestions.


  1. Interesting. I've always been wary of victory conditions - though I can see their utility in some cases. Generally my games tend to have defeat conditions and work on the basis that he who runs away last wins. Ambush Alley uses victory conditions well though.

    One interesting exercise is to play a campaign game and to have the players report to their political masters via email. I have one player is rather good at "writing a victory" regardless of what has happened.

  2. Re. "progress with the blog has been upset a bit by events in the Real World..."

    Isn't it annoying how Real World can prove itself more than a little ess.aitch.1.tee far too often, while things seem to go swimmingly in Hobby World, apart from the former keeping one from the later on a regular basis!