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Monday, 1 November 2010


Unusually among the figure manufacturers I have featured in this series, Kennington are still in business. The figures are available in packs from SHQ, and they are inexpensive and have a very decent range. They are at the smaller end of the size range I can use - maybe 22mm average height - but have acceptable proportions, apart from a tendency to big hands(!) and tiny bases. Hands apart, they are a good size match for Hinton Hunt, for example.

I like them - I don't have many complete Kennington units, but they are an excellent source of command figures. I decided quite late in my collecting career to add mounted colonels to most of the infantry units, and Kennington have been very useful, especially for the French. They make a little French infantry colonel on a rather tubby horse who is a pleasing little character, complete with bristling moustache - I have a lot of these. Kennington are also the only 20mm source of rarities such as proper flank-company Highland skirmishers - their range is certainly worth checking out.

French light infantry - these are pro-painted, as you can probably tell.

Nassau infantry (the colonel is a mixture of bits - Minifigs horse, Art Miniaturen figure with an old Garrison head).

Portuguese artillery - the howitzers are by Scruby.


  1. I like that Colonel! Nice figure and the painting style suits him to a tee.

  2. I use SHQ figures (which I presume are Kennington) to lead my plastic battalions.

    The Brunswickers look very jolly, it must be the moustaches.

  3. Brunswickers - they are all brothers. My armies are like that.