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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Solo Campaign - Start-Up at 19th Jan 1812

A few days late for a strict 200th anniversary, but the armies are now on the map for the start of my solo Peninsular War (type) campaign. It is 19th January 1812, the armies are emerging from their Winter quarters, apart from Montbrun's force, which is returning from an extended forced march to assist Suchet in the East. The Allies have Ciudad Rodrigo, which has a Spanish garrison, but the French still hold Badajoz.

Galicia, Cataluna, Valencia and all of Andalucia apart from Badajoz, Zafra and Huelva are regarded as self-contained and off-limits. There is no way that Suchet or Soult are going to help anyone else, thank you. The supply depots are not yet marked on the map, but are, initially, French: Bayonne and Madrid - Allied: Lisbon and Porto. Spanish irregulars do not need supply depots.

Initial positions indicate that the cavalry needs to be spread out among the field armies, and the Allies had better start thinking about controlling Badajoz, so should get the siege train on the road.

Objectives? If the French capture Lisbon, they win. If the Allies control Castilla they win. Anything else is how you write it up.

I'll not bombard the blog with weekly reports - times will slip a bit anyway - this is a fairly relaxed campaign! The rules are sort of complete but do not exist in a form I would wish to publish yet. I'll put out an update occasionally if there is something to say - battles would be appropriate! If you wish to see detailed OOBs they are here and here, and there have been various posts discussing elements of the rules and philosophy. On the map, blue counters are French, white are Anglo-Portuguese, black are Spanish - the strengths and exact locations of partisan forces are deliberately a bit vague...

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