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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hooptedoodle #39 - Do Not Anger the Gods

Bit stormy last night - Britain is a gentle place as far as weather goes, normally, but it's definitely been windy recently.

Being of a nervous disposition, I have safely stored away the garden furniture in the garage for the Winter, but we have a dirty great teak 6-seater table which is so heavy that we can hardly shift it, so I had pushed that to a sheltered part of the garden. This morning I find that the wind has flung it right across the terrace into a stone wall, and it is, as you see, looking a bit secondhand. Distressed, even.

I am very pleased that the wind did not decide to throw it through the French windows, but it is still a sobering thing to witness. The table has a slatted top, which you would expect to cut down on wind-lift, and is designed to be heavy enough to be left out in all weathers - I would struggle to overturn it unaided, and it would take a sledgehammer to do that kind of damage.

The photo is for the insurers, but it seemed a pity not to share it.


  1. Distressed indeed, quite the fashion, and thanks for the image, I got on to my interiors chap (LL-B) and asked him to source me one forthwith!

    With the rain on the 1st it's hardly a good portent given that the Maya believed it would all end this comming December...no - All, Everything, Alles!!

    Happy New Year

  2. Hi Hugh - Good New Year to you. Don't bother with LL-B - for the right price I can let you have this one. Mind you, I'll be sending it via DPD (see previous post), so the shipping costs will be high.

    I believe gusts of 102mph were recorded in Edinburgh today - they say it's the windiest day here since Boxing Day 1998 (or something) - this leads my son to ask what speed the wind was in 1998. Sadly, I must have forgotten that one.

    Everything ending in December would be something of a bummer, right enough. Only good news is I wouldn't have to ask the relatives back for Christmas. Anyway, if the Maya knew everything, why aren't they still around. eh? EH??

  3. ...now it occurs to me - if I sent something broken by courier, do you think they might accidentally repair it in transit?

  4. I knew it was windy last night, but didn't realise just how bad it was, I'm in the South East, whereabouts are you?

  5. Scottish Borders, roughly speaking - east of Edinburgh, on the coast.

  6. Slatted top tables, isn't that where they got the idea of air foils from?