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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Solo Campaign - The Allied Army

...and here's the other lot. Ian commented on the number of infantry units in the French army - I fear it doesn't quite add up in a sensible way. "Provisional" units do exist in The Cupboard and could be photographed, but a (smallish) number of unnamed garrison battalions in each army exist only on paper. On the other hand, because of the way I field light infantry, each line infantry brigade also has an additional skirmish "battalion" made up from its combined light companies. I do this for both armies, since I find it convenient to handle skirmishers at brigade level - in the British army, these skirmish units will also include the attached rifle companies of the 5/60th, but brigades which have specialist light infantry regiments (7th and Light Divisions and all Portuguese brigades) do not have the extra combined unit. By the way, I regard French light infantry units as being indistinguishable from the line, apart from their uniforms and plumage - complaints to the usual address, please.

Clear as mud?

Here we are, anyway.

Allied Army

Anglo-Portuguese (Viscount Wellington)                      approx 34500 inf, 3500 cavalry, 42 guns
                First Division (Graham)
                                1st Brigade (Henry Campbell)
                                                1/Coldstream FG & 1/3rd FG + Coy of 5/60th
2nd Brigade (Blantyre)
2/24th & 1/42nd & 2/58th & 1/79th & Coy of 5/60th
3rd Brigade (von Löw)
1st, 2nd & 5th Line Bns, KGL
Foot Battery (Gardiner)
Third Division (Picton)
1st Brigade (Col Wallace, vice Kempt)
1/45th & 74th & 1/88th & 3 Cos of 5/60th
2nd Brigade (Col John Campbell, vice Colville)
2/5th & 2/83rd & 94th
Portuguese Brigade (Palmeirim)
9th (2 Bns) & 21st (2) Portuguese & 11th Cacadores
Foot Battery (Douglas)
Sixth Division (Clinton)
1st Brigade (Hulse)
1/11th & 2/53rd & 1/61st & Coy 5/60th
2nd Brigade (Col Hinde, vice Burne)
2nd & 1/32nd & 1/36th
Portuguese Brigade (Madden)
8th (2) & 12th (2) Portuguese & 9th Cacadores
Foot Battery (Eligé)
Seventh Division (Hope)
1st Brigade (Col Colin Halkett)
1st & 2nd Light Bns, KGL & Brunswick-Oels Bn
2nd Brigade (Von Bernewitz)
51st & 68th & Chasseurs Britanniques
Portuguese Brigade – absent
Horse Battery (MacDonald)
Light Division (Karl von Alten)
1st Brigade (Col Barnard)
1/43rd & 1/95th & 3/95th & 1st Cacadores
2nd Brigade (Col Gibbs, vice Vandeleur)
1/52nd & 2/95th & 3rd Cacadores
Horse Battery (Ross)
Cavalry (Cotton)
Le Marchant’s Brigade
3rd Dragoons & 5th Dragoon Gds
George Anson’s Brigade
14th & 16th Light Dragoons
Viktor von Alten’s Brigade
11th Light Dragoons & 1st Hussars, KGL & Brunswick-Oels Hussars
Von Bock’s Brigade
1st & 2nd Dragoons, KGL
Portuguese Brigade (Otway)
1st & 11th Portuguese Dragoons
                                Horse Battery (Bull)
                Reserve Artillery & Engineers
                                Portuguese Howitzer Battery (Arriaga)
Siege train
                                Bn of Portuguese militia (attached)
Bridging Train
                                Engineers & sappers

Spanish 3rd Army (part) (Conde de Espaňa)    approx 6000 inf, 700 cavalry, 6 guns
Infantry Division
2nd Princesa & 1st Sevilla & 2nd Jaen
Tiradores de Castilla
Cazadores de Castilla
Foot Battery
Cavalry (Sanchez)
1st & 2nd Lanceros de Castilla
                Garrison of Ciudad Rodrigo
                                3 Bns + garrison artillery

In addition, each of the Juntas of Castilla, Vizcaya, Navarra and Aragon can raise unspecified numbers of volunteers and guerrillas, strictly for use in their own province. If they have to appear in the field, each of these little armies has a maximum strength of
4 Bns & 1 Foot battery
                                4 (small) Bns & 1 cavalry unit


  1. I've never tried a solo campaign but I like the way you're going about this one and look forward to seeing it all unfold. With all those troops you really do need a permanent table!


  2. I've never tried a solo campaign either, I'll be interested in following yours!