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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Solo Campaign - The French Army

I had some proper work to do this evening, but my computer is not co-operating. I am bored watching McAfee and Internet Explorer wrestling on the floor like a couple of elderly drunks, so here is the first part of the OOB for the solo campaign. My armies use a 33:1 figure scale, and garrison guns, since they can't be carted around, are not included in the army totals.

I haven't finalised the positions on the map yet, but at least I've got a definitive list now. The armies for the other lot will appear shortly (next time I'm bored?). There is a strong whiff of historical accuracy in this OOB, but it is only a whiff....


French Army

Army of Portugal (Marshal Marmont)                         approx 21000 inf, 2500 cavalry, 48 guns
                Division Foy
                                Brigade Chemineau
                                                6e Léger (3 Bns) & 69e Ligne (2)
                                Brigade Desgraviers
                                                39e Ligne (2) & 76e Ligne (2)
                                Horse battery
                Division Clauzel
                                Brigade Berlier
                                                25e Léger (3) & 27e Ligne (2)
                                Brigade Barbot
                                                50e Ligne (3) & 59e Ligne (2)
                                Foot battery
                Division Maucune
                                Brigade Arnauld
                                                15e Ligne (3) & 66e Ligne (2)
                                Brigade Montfort
                                                82e Ligne (2) & 86e Ligne (2)
                                Foot battery
                Heavy Cavalry (Cavrois)
                                Brigade Picquet
                                                6e Dragons (3 Sqn) & 11e Dragons (3)
                                Brigade Boyer
                                                15e Dragons (3) & 25e Dragons (3)
                                Horse battery
                Light Cavalry (Montbrun)
                                Brigade Curto
                                                3e Hussards (3) & 22e Chasseurs (3)
                                Brigade Vial
                                                13e Chasseurs (3) & 26e Chasseurs (3)
                Artillery Park (Tirlet)
                                2 Foot batteries
                                Siege train
                                Bridging Train
                                Engineers & sappers

Army of the Centre (part) (King Joseph & Marshal Jourdan) approx 21000 inf, 1000 cavalry, 20 guns
                Division Guye
                                Royal Guard (Merlin)
                                                Grenadiers (2) & Fusiliers (2) & Voltigeurs (1)
                                Brigade Casapalacios (Spanish Line troops)
                                                1e (Castilla) Léger (1) & 2e (Toledo) Ligne (2) & Royal-Etranger (1)
                                Spanish Guard horse battery
                Division Armagnac
                                Brigade Neuenstein
                                                2e Nassau (2) & Regt de Francfort (1) & 4e Baden (2)
                                Brigade Chassé
                                                4e Etranger (Prusse) (1) & 4e Hesse-Darmstadt (2) & 3e Berg (1)
                                Brigade Verbigier de St Paul (Italians)
                                                2e Léger (1) & 3e Ligne (2) & 5e Ligne (2)
                                Italian Foot battery
                Garrison of Badajoz (Phillippon)
                                5 Bns + various artillery
                                Brigade Trelliard
                                                4e Dragons (3) & 14e Chasseurs (3) & Lanciers de la Vistule (3)
Army of the North (part) (General Dorsenne)               approx 11500 inf, 1500 cavalry, 24 guns
                                Brigade Leberknoedel (Duchy of Stralsund-Ruegen)
                                                Grenadiers (1) & Fusiliers (2) & Jaegers (1)
                                Stralsund Foot battery
                                Various garrisons and flying columns:
                                                28e Léger (1)
                                                Garde de Paris (1)
                                                Chasseurs des Montagnes (1)
                                                Grenadiers Provisoirs (1)
                                                Dragons à pied Provisoirs (2)
                                                4e Vistule (1)
                                                4 Bns de marche
                                                Garrison artillery - various
                                Brigade Maupoint
                                                13e Cuirassiers (3) & 15e Chasseurs (3) & 5e Chevauxleger-lanciers (3)
                                Brigade Kleinwinkel (Stralsund-Ruegen)
                                                1e Chevauxlegers (3) & 2e Chevauxlegers (3)


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  1. I make that at least 60 infantry units - very impressive! If you really get bored you should set up the whole lot for a photo shoot...