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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Royal Horse Artillery - Limber Teams

More vehicles ready - in this case, they are well overdue. I sold my old (Airfix) limbers around 7 years ago, and they'd been kind of decommissioned for a while prior to that. Since then I've been hoarding the bits for the replacements in my spares boxes, and systematically playing leapfrog with the painting queue so that they never actually got done.

Well, no longer - here are three RHA limbers, ready to go. Although I like to use 2 model guns for a battery, I use only a single limber when they are travelling, so this group represents all my three horse artillery troops on the road. I used to like the idea of having loose, "deployable" guns, so that I could actually move the ordnance pieces between the limber and the gun crew, but I have decided it is not one of my greatest ideas. I have dropped more cannons than enough, so I've saved up enough extra guns to be able to have some permanently attached to the limbers, and everything is now safely glued in place.

The horses and riders are all S-Range Minifigs, the limbers are Hinchliffe 20mm, and one of the guns is also Hinch 20, while the other two are (I think) Rose Miniatures. It stands to reason that the actual gunners get first choice of the Hinch 20 artillery...

British caissons will be along next, in a day or two - a couple of the limbers allocated to them are in the bleach at the moment.


  1. Great looking limbers, teams, and guns you have assembled there. This is an areas in which I hope to catch up myself in the next year or so.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very impressive! It makes a nice change to see full limber teams on the table - I must get on and paint a few more of my own...

  3. Stokes, Ian - thank you, gentlemen. I am pleased to have made another small step towards having limbers for all the artillery. I find limber horses laborious things to paint, since they seem to consist almost entirely of fiddly harness and traces. The French are worse, of course, since much of their harness is pale buff, which really shows up a shaky hand to advantage!

    The French limbers will be along soon - I have to do some sawing and snipping on some Scruby horses first. I also have Spanish (both sides), Italian and Confederation limbers to do. And a small mule train. And a couple more siege guns. And King Joseph's carriage (maybe)....

    Please note that no metal horses were hurt during the making of these armies.