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Saturday, 14 January 2012

British Ammunition Carts

On a vehicle-painting kick again this weekend, all British stuff. Two ammo carts finished last night - they have just to get the mag sheet on the underside of the bases for storage in the official Artillery Boxes.

The carts are S-Range Minifigs, horses and drivers are by Lamming. There will/should be some caissons in a day or so, and three 4-horse RHA limber teams.

Good fun. I wouldn't like to be hit by one of those whips, though.


  1. Very nice! Them whips do look rather thick!!

  2. I now understand the French at Fuentes when the Ramsay's Horse Artillery charge took place!

  3. Very few people realise the true offensive value of the artillery whip - especially the Lamming variety. If you get whipped with one of these, you stay whipped!


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