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Monday, 9 January 2012

CCN Practice Game - Supplementary

After the bird feeders were back in action, what Nick really wanted to do was design his own battlefield, of course, and - being 9 - he got a bit carried away, and built a monster town in the middle of the table, using just about all of of my available buildings.

Eventually, when the Theme Park was complete, we had to have another (small) CCN fight in it. Somewhat wearily, I set up about 6 infantry units a side, knowing full well that the game was going to be a disaster - unplayable.

I have news - it worked - it was not very interesting, but CCN can handle this without problems, which is a surprise to me. There are a few no-brainer things to remember - in particular, since the rule for fighting into a town/village hex requires deduction of 2 combat dice, units having (or having been reduced to) an entitlement of 2 dice or less are no use at all in street fighting, and have to be pulled out and replaced with a bigger hammer, but otherwise it works.

Since I am never likely to have a town of this size set up again for a CCN game, I took a couple of pics.


  1. speaking as someone who's wargaming experiance consists of a bit of micro-tank stuff 30-odd years ago and some matchstick firing/marble rolling - shoot me down if I'm wrong but speaking as an ex-soldier, the caveat you have discovered seems to be quite realistic...

    FIBA requires a large attacking force (idealy about 4 to 1 minimum), is heavy in casualties on the attacker and therefore (one supposes) has a moral effect.

    Meaning the rules forcing the removal of mauled troops and the lost time/effort of bringing up new ones (and possibly loseing a building you've just taken!) seems to take one close to the knuckle re, realism?

    Suggesting a well honed rule set?

  2. Hi Hugh - yes, that's right. Most games can put the gamer in a position where he's going to have to be extraordinarily lucky to get anywhere in a particular situation. The only difference in CCN in this case is that, because the game mechanisms are simplified so much, you can get in a situation where a particularly unit just can't hurt anyone, and there's no point having them there - takes all the head-scratching out of it!

  3. I found this post very interesting. I like your metropolis by the way. The thoughts of a Saragossa mini-campaign have been preying on my mind, itching in the corners and refusing to be banished.