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Monday, 28 November 2011

...and Beads

Many thanks to Willie Morgan and his wife Megan, who make costume jewellery and know about glues. By the way, I think Megan Morgan is an excellent name.

This is the stuff. Evo-Stik Serious Glue. Leaves the tube with a jelly-like consistency, does not tend to string or run about. Stays moveable for 3 minutes, sets hard in 2 hours. Fully cured the next day. It will fill gaps, stick uneven surfaces.

I haven't done all the beads yet, but am working through them. Fiddly fiddly. This requires some care, since the little magnets will happily leap 4 or 5 inches to join a neighbour, or stick to my penknife. You need plastic tweezers for this job. Here you see a couple of finished markers on the laminated master map - a division of the Armee de Portugal in Valladolid, plus a garrison in Burgos castle to keep the supply road open.


  1. Thanks Ray. I've done all the bead markers for the combat groups now - fairly late in the job I found that the little magnets are also prepared to jump at my steel-framed spectacles, so I finished the job wearing my rimless reading specs. Fortunately they are not so lively with a bead attached!

    I'm now looking around for suitable matching colour-coded markers of some sort to represent supply depots. I'll put these on magnets too. I have some little cubes which would do, but I suddenly took a fancy to barrels or packing-cases. I'll have a look round eBay and see what sort of odd beads are available. I suspect I'll end up using the cubes, but it's fun looking around.

    Cheers - Tony

  2. Hi
    I live at Valladolid... Thanks! ;-)
    Best regards