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Monday, 5 December 2011

The Funky Chicken - Yet Another Mystery Figure

I'm spending an unhealthy amount of time dredging through the dark recesses of the spares bags at present, trying to find figures suitable for a career change, leading draught horses and carts etc around.

This fellow (there's only one of him - it's a montage) is clearly RHA, and his jacket without tails suggests he is a gunner rather than a driver (a distinction which S-Range Minifigs never got the hang of). What is he? What, moreover, is he doing? From likely date of manufacture, it might be the Funky Chicken, or possibly the Frug.

I thought he looked like a horse-holder, and maybe Alberken or early 20mm Minifigs, but I cannot find such a figure listed anywhere. Maybe he's a conversion, but I don't think so. Anyway, he's likely to find himself leading a limber around in the near future. He's 20mm - skinny little chap, as you see, but wiry.


  1. You could put him on traffic control?


  2. This is Mini Figs 20mm BN32 - horse artillery gunnr firing gun. Someones nicked his slow match and bent his arm. That was an easy one - do you have anything more challenging? Lou

  3. Thanks Lou - you are probably right. The world always appreciates a smart-ass.

  4. Well he never had to tell his mother anything...

  5. Who - Louis? I doubt if Louis has a mother - he certainly never had a father. He also owes me a beer since 1984.

  6. I heard that (pardon?). I ll have you know my father was called Ark Royal. My mum told me that was what it said on his hat. I know nothing about any beer. Lou