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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Falcata - Relaunch

Today I received an email from a Madrid model shop, La Flecha Negra, who have been keeping me posted on progress with the long awaited reappearance of Falcata's 20mm white metal figures.

I emphasise that I have nothing to do with any of this - I am merely bringing the note to the attention of anyone who is interested in the range. The pictures at the top of this post are of rather poor quality, and show some factory painted pre-launch samples - these pictures did not form part of today's email.

What follows is the main content of the email, with some slight correction of typos and translation here and there. La Flecha Negra's website has not yet been updated to show any of this. Please don't direct any questions to me - the shop will be able to help you and, I believe, supply you with figures.

The email:

This is the 1st list of Falcata 20mm napoleonics.
The bags are incl x12 soldiers in different poses, cast in white metal.
The prices are 9,50 euros per bag, 10 or more [bags] 9 euros each.
Normally, with foreign customers we use bank transfer form paid.


INFANTERIA - line 1808

ES01 Line Infantry marching - bicornes
ES02 Line Infantry advancing
ES03 Line Infantry firing & skirmishing
ES04 Line Infantry command - drummer, flags, officers
ES05 Line Grenadiers marching
ES06 Line Grenadiers advancing
ES07 Line Grenadiers firing
ES08 Line Grenadiers command
ES09 Catalan Light Inf - 1808 uniforms (green)
ES22 Line Infantry marching - campaign dress
ES23 Line Infantry advancing - campaign dress
ES24 Line Infantry firing - campaign dress

ARTILLERIA - each bag one gun plus x5 gunners

ES50 4 pdr
ES51 8/12 pdr
ES52 Howitzer(? - obus)


ES70 Line Cavalry/Dragoons at attention
ES71 Line Cavalry/Dragoons charging
ES72 Line Cavalry/Dragoons command - pack x3 - officer, musician, flag

In the next days, militia in chisteras (round hats), hussars, regional regiments, etc.......

For info, email info@laflechanegraminiaturas.com
If you are interested in the 1st list of 20mm Carlist wars, please get in touch


  1. Splendid news - I got an email myself the other day. I'd be interested to find out how many cavalry figures you get per bag.

  2. Exciting news!

    I'll definitely check out their light infantry and cavalry.

  3. Hi Tony - I'm sure you will have covered this somewhere else but how are these figs as a match for Hinton Hunt?


  4. Ian - a couple of people have asked this - I'll do a short supplementary post...