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Friday, 18 November 2011

Qualiticast - Catalogue

With sincere thanks to Rod Dearlove and Andy Taylor for making this available, here's a catalogue for the Qualiticast range of 20mm white metal figures - dating from 2002.

These figures are too recent to be classed as Old School, and are only "Vintage" in the sense that they are, sadly, out of production. From a personal point of view, I regret that their years of manufacture began and ended during my extended wargaming sabbatical, but I have become something of a fan recently.

From the dollar prices this must be a US catalogue (which would make it a catalog, I guess) - not sure if this listing was produced for/by Brookhurst Hobbies, major distributors in America. I thought this would be interesting for a lot of enthusiasts, and it gives us yet another means of measuring what we have lost! I am very impressed by the extent and the thoroughness of the range.

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