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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Falcata - size comparison

Ian sent a comment, and I've had a couple of emails from people wondering how Falcata's idea of 1/72 scale or 20mm lines up with other makers.

I cannot speak with any authority on the new figures, since I haven't seen them, but it is pretty clear from the yellow-coated dragoon figure in the pics in the last post that his horse is very recognisably one of the previous lot of Falcata horses - so I guess they are the same size as they were. In fact, I would guess that any sets of figures which match the old 34-in-a-box sets will be from the same masters - e.g. Spanish line infantry in bicornes.

Here's a size line-up from my Cupboard - from left to right are some Falcata French infantry (from the old series - presumably the same size), some Hinton Hunt Cacadores and some Les Higgins riflemen. On checking the picture again, I think the officer in the second row on the extreme left is Kennington, so there are more types in here than I intended! Falcata are maybe a tad bigger, but they stand on pretty chunky bases, so some thinner MDF would square things up a bit.

I'm quite interested in what has been announced thus far - particularly the cavalry - but my real interest is in the militia, guerrilleros (quite a few different regional types), generals and "personality" figures which appear to be in the pipeline. It would be a big help to us poor customers of dinosaur banks if La Flecha Negra could take PayPal. If anyone successfully obtains some of these new figures, please let me know how you get on - severe shipping costs are sometimes a problem to the UK from Spain (viz Hobbies Guinea).

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