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Sunday, 11 December 2011

La Flecha Negra - Apologium

Last month I did a post about the relaunch of the Falcata 20mm white-metal ranges. At present, part of the Napoleonic range is available, and I believe there are some Carlist figures also.

At the moment, these figures are available only from La Flecha Negra, a well known model and hobby shop in Madrid, and I am very grateful to Goyo at LFN for keeping me informed of progress over the last 5 or 6 months as the new figures became available. Goyo has a fair command of English, and I have wretchedly little facility with Spanish, so I have tried to be careful to ensure that I did not misrepresent anything, nor commit Goyo to meet any customer demands based on something I might have misunderstood. I would have been more comfortable if there had been some other announcement, or if LFN's own website had shown the new figures.

Rafa very kindly did some checking up for me, and he confirms that La Flecha Negra have stocks of the figures, and they are selling them now. If you are interested, do please contact them. I believe that the website will be updated in the New Year.

I wish to make it clear that I am aware that Goyo and his shop are well established and highly respected, and I have never had any doubts about his operation. The reason for my checking was simply that past dealings with Falcata (the manufacturer) have suggested that their delivery timescales are sometimes a bit optimistic. Anyway, I am sorry if I seemed to imply that I had concerns about the shop.

If any readers of this blog buy, or have bought, any of the new Falcatas, I would delighted if you could get in touch and write (or give a link to) a brief review - some pics would be good, too. I'll certainly be ordering some in due course, but I am more interested in the Spanish irregulars and the generals, which are to be released later.


  1. Once the Christmas battering of my pocket book has ceased, I think I'll have to invest in some Spaniards.

  2. There's an interesting thread on Benno's re. Falcata: