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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hooptedoodle #117 - more buses - still not a collection, though

Another couple of buses have arrived. Again, I am sticking firmly to specimens from dates and places that mean I would have seen them as a kid. Sorry the photos aren't better quality.

Birkenhead Corporation Leyland PD2 with MCW coachwork, early 1950s.
This is exactly the kind of bus we used to get from the Mersey Ferry terminal at
Woodside to my Uncle Ernie's house in Bromborough.

When I was five we went for a rare holiday in the Lake District. The local buses that
took us to places like Cartmel and Pooley Bridge were Ribble single deckers, just
like this Leyland Tiger


  1. Wait a minute... you haven't been ebaying on a Crosville double decker with a destination board of 'Llandudno' and a 'Beer' ad on the side, have you??

    1. No - not me. I've bought just one more Liverpool bus - a Leyland, this time. That's all for now. My favourite Crosvilles are the Bristol double deckers - just because that's the ones i used to see.

  2. Hmm, not a collection eh? Starting to look just a tiny bit like one!