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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hooptedoodle #115 – Belfast to Boston

This clip was recorded in 1998, which is a long time ago in any sense, but in particular is before the world changed forever at 9/11.

Here is James Taylor’s lovely song about the need to get Northern Ireland back to peaceful normality, without interference from Irish republican interests in the USA. I have no idea why it is not better known, or why it has not become a hymn of some sort. Originally it was titled “God’s Rifle”, and it  got Taylor a lot of flak from the God people and the hawks, though in fact very few people in the USA seem to understand what it was about. I shall carefully avoid giving any opinions on the politics or the history; quite simply, I find the song very emotional, yet it still seems to offer a message of hope which is very appropriate for a bright new year.

Peace to you all, brothers.

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