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Friday, 24 January 2014

ECW - Recruitment continues...

Five new regiments of foot arrived back from Lee's House of Painting Miracles - once again, I am humbled by the quality. Thank you, Lee.

Three units of Lowland Covenanters, to help the Parliamentarian cause. These are the regiments of the Earl of Loudon (Glasgow), Colonel James Rae (Edinburgh) and Viscount Maitland (Midlothian), looking suitably belligerent. Shades of Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night. They will, of course, change their identity as appropriate to fit the scenario.

For the Royalists, there are two new units from the North of England, fighting with the Marquis of Newcastle's whitecoats; here are the regiments of Sir Wm Lambton and Colonel John Lamplugh. Like the Covenanters, these figures are mostly Tumbling Dice, with a few Kennington/SHQ chaps drafted in for a bit of variety. I really like these TD figures, but I have to say I'm getting very fed up with cleaning up and gluing heads, though the results appear worth the effort.

Lastly, here's a fine Puritan preacher, calling down appropriate vengeance (as one does). This is from the old Warrior range - not the present one - and is quite a rarity. I haven't quite decided how to use him yet, but here he is, practising, just in case.


  1. Great looking figures!!!! Not sure how yo'll use the Puritan preacher, but I bet he'll be a right royal pain in the butt!

    1. Bless you, brother. Thanks, Ray!

  2. Lee does do some cracking work - doesn't he?

    I'd use your wild eyed Puritan as a morale marker or possibly to show that a victory point location is occupied. It would mean that you will need a Royalist equivalent - "Cavaliers entertaining actress" perhaps ? Or "musketeers playing game of dice"?

  3. I use my clerics to inspire the troops ( added bonuses for rallying, melees etc), the Russian clerics that Lee did for me work wonders for my Russian forces from GNW to Crimea, and the GNW Swedish priest (Strelets) make my GNW Swedes even nastier, Puritan preacher would certainly help my Roundhead army, boy do they need a win!!!
    cheers Old John

  4. The Preacher - these are good suggestions - one of the chance cards in my rules is about a unit being convinced the Lord is with them, and acting one grade higher thereafter. I was going to use this chap as such a marker, but that means he would only get on the table about once every 40 years. As you say, he would be a misfit with the Royalists.