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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

ECW "BattleFinder" - alternative map cards for the North West

After some previous mention here of my intention to produce some tweaked map cards for the BattleFinder battlefield generation system, with place names which are more appropriate to an ECW campaign in the North West of England, a couple of people kindly emailed to express their interest in such cards. I've produced the first of an intended three sets of add-on cards, and they are here. If they are any use to you, please feel free to download them.

To put this into context, BattleFinder is available (free) from the website of The Perfect Captain, along with their Tinker Fox ECW campaign game and a few other goodies. These cards are not a corruption or rip-off of BattleFinder - you will still need to download the official rules and the playing board - my map cards use the original artwork and are merely re-named to suit a mythical area stretching from the old Lonsdale Hundred of Lancashire to the West Riding of Yorkshire - the idea is that the place names should sound reasonable rather than be real places.

As I sit here, I believe it is unlikely that I will use The Perfect Captain's Very Civil Actions or Spanish Fury tabletop rules, but the campaign stuff is definitely intriguing. My thanks to my son Nick for his skill with PaintshopPro and the magic copy-&-paste touch.