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Saturday, 30 March 2013

ECW Horse - another 2 units

Another two units of horse arrived for my ECW armies - usual lovely job by Lee. Here you see the first of what will be two units for the Earl of Newcastle's Northern Horse [R] - this lot might be Sir Edward Widdrington's regiment - and the more sedate chaps below them are John Lambert's RoH [P].

We are very close to a White Easter - two inches of snow this morning, though it appears to be melting now. I really am very tired of this. I need to understand - this is Global Warming, right? During this last week I was reminded that it is just a year since I went to visit Old John in North Wales, and to collect the first instalment of my ECW lead mountain. Two things about this:

(1) it doesn't seem a year ago

(2) on the 27th March last year, it was sunny and hot - rather too hot for a comfortable motor trip

Same world, different planet.

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