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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Thunderer

The general in this picture has appeared here before, and there was some helpful discussion of how I could use him. Generals on foot have always been a problem for me, since I find it unlikely that even infantry generals would have led their men into action on Shanks's pony.

As a result of suggestions made, I resolved to get him a held horse to add a little potential mobility, and I have finally done it. You can't rush these things, of course.

This is Sir Nathaniel Aspinall, known to his men as The Thunderer, and occasionally God's Trumpet - I sincerely hope this was because of his very loud voice. A noted lay preacher, and sometime Member of Parliament for Bury, in the Hundred of Salford, Sir Nathaniel was unusually well qualified to be a general of foot, since he had served some years of his youth as a professional soldier in Germany in the Wars of Religion.

He is here seen with his horse, Herod, and a horse-holder who was formerly in the artillery. Hinton Hunts to a man - or horse.

This sets a useful precedent - I'm quite pleased with Sir Nat (this is about as close to a diorama as you get in my armies), and will follow a similar grouping style with other suitable Staff castings which I have.


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