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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

ECW - Finished the Foot

A small landmark today - still maintaining strict parity (8 units of foot for each side), I've now completed the infantry target for the first phase (you mean there will be a second?) for my ECW project.

Here are the Royalist greencoats of Broughton and Gibson, on the left, and the Parliamentarian units of Brereton and Mainwaring. Dragoons and artillery are coming along, and recruitment of cavalry will continue for a while.

The odd lighting in the photos is the result of a strange luminous object appearing in the sky over South-East Scotland today. I feel an inexplicable urge to rush out and sacrifice a lamb, or a maiden or something.

I was listening earlier to a discussion on the radio - some people were complaining that a ceremonial funeral for Lady Thatcher seemed a bit of an extravagance in the current economic situation. I think it is an excellent idea - in fact, I think they should break with tradition and hold the procession in Leeds, or maybe Glasgow, so that her loyal former subjects can take the opportunity to show their gratitude and affection.

I'll see you there? Looking forward to it.


  1. You saw that yellow thing in the sky as well? It must be REALLY big.

  2. We've had that yellow thing over here on the west coast every day for the last fortnight - the natives are restless and wicker men are being built as i type.

    That's fast work on the ECW, very impressive.

    And re. that woman - based on my experiences there in the late 80s (where no one i knew apart from college staff had a job) i'd suggest Paisley as a grand venue for the shindig.


  3. Coming along nicely Tony, I look forward to some shots of everything together so far.

    As for 'that woman'- I'd suggest dumping her in the Thames at Wapping where my Father spent so many bitterly cold winter nights on the picket line to no avail. Would be most fitting.

  4. Oh dear I seem to be the only supporter of Blessed Margaret here...

  5. Just remmber that lambs and virgins are sacrificed in different ways. Don't get them mixed up.

    but as for foor, Finished? Finished? What's that?