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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Solo Campaign - Week 2

Just manoeuvring this week. Quick update.


Marmont’s force at Salamanca resting after Battle of Corrales and subsequent retreat, now joined by St Paul’s Italian brigade (from Valladolid) and by Guye, with the King’s Guard and Treillard’s cavalry. Total strength around 16000. Guye’s force undertook hazardous forced march from Segovia to Salamanca – they were extremely lucky with the weather, and arrived in good order.

The dry weather also favoured the British army, advancing towards the Spanish border. In particular, Graham’s (1st) and Clinton’s (6th) Divisions marched from Abrantes to Ciudad Rodrigo – approx 135 miles – in 7 days, without significant problems.

Wellington, with his own and Hope’s contingents, now has some 34000 men at Ciudad Rodrigo – this is basically full Anglo-Portuguese army less Light Divn. Marmont knows he is there, but has few details. Because of civilian support, Wellington has a good knowledge of Marmont’s force, though he underestimates its strength somewhat.

Allied siege train continues its march inland, and has now reached Abrantes.

Marshal Soult has agreed to provide supplies to Badajoz from Sevilla, which will enable the Armee de Portugal to commit less troops to guarding the route from Madrid west along the Tagus.

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