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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Solo Campaign - Week 3

Again, a week of marching and reorganising. It seems a good idea to bang a few of these weeks in quickly, before things get slowed down by more combats and maybe the odd siege.

Compromised by his "shameful" reverse at Corrales, Marmont has retreated along his supply line, back to Valladolid, aiming to consolidate with Montbrun's detached force (from his own army), plus various welcome reinforcements from the Armee du Centre.

French troops of Clauzel's Divn retreat through Salamanca - note early air-conditioning units in 1st floor windows...

As part of this regrouping, Montbrun's troops marched from Toledo to Aranda. This was no problem for the mounted troops or the horse artillery, but many of Foy's infantry completed the journey in poor shape. There is some suggestion that one night quartered in Madrid may have done little for the soldiers' stamina.

Wellington should still have a bit of a numerical advantage over Marmont's reinforced army, but he has remained at Ciudad Rodrigo, refusing to pursue the French army despite encouragement from his Spanish liaison officer to do so.

Marmont's miserable start to the campaign is not improved by the rumour that King Joseph himself may have decided to join him, to ensure that the troops seconded to him from the Armee du Centre are used to good effect.

Extract from the campaign diary follows:

Week 03


Marmont, nervous of potentially superior Allied force at Ciudad Rodrigo, retires his own augmented force along his line of supply, back to Valladolid, where he is reinforced by the arrival of D’Armagnac, with Chassé’s German infantry. Casapalacios is marching up from Madrid, and has arrived at Segovia. Montbrun had a difficult forced march from Toledo, via Madrid to Aranda, which left the infantry very tired. Casapalacios and Montbrun have orders to head for Valladolid.

Wellington is aware that he has numerical advantage, but does not wish to move further into Spain while French hold Badajoz.

Allied siege train has arrived at Elvas.

[Chart was not available earlier - late edit]


  1. What on earth could have worn out Foy's troops in Madrid??

    1. They were just so excited they couldn't sleep!

  2. Hi
    I live in Valladolid so I am very interested to know the next events of the campaign!

    1. Hi Rafa - best keep the shutters closed for a week or two!