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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

ECW 20mm - Another Figure Comparison

I've now received figure samples from SHQ (Kennington) for their 20mm ECW range, and I like them. They are somewhat chunkier in stature than Les Higgins or Hinton Hunt, but the height is pretty close, and (very importantly!) the horses and the hats match the other two ranges.

The logic may seem a bit oblique, but the more compatible ranges I can find, the happier I am with my choice of Higgins as the main basis of my proposed armies. I have spent too many of my Napoleonic years backed into corners, stuck with little or no choice, and dependant on a small number of extinct manufacturers! Choices are good for covering gaps in ranges, and for maintaining welcome variety and interest in the armies.

Thus far, I reckon that SHQ, LH and HH cavalry can mix without problem. LH and HH infantry can mix pretty well, and SHQ infantry would be OK on the same table, though maybe better in separate units - in truth, it appears to vary between individual figures, so a bit of judgement will be needed (uh-oh, that might be a problem...)

So? Pleased with what I've found so far - all I need now is to firm up my ideas on unit organisation and basing, to work out quantities and shopping lists, and I'm in business. Well, sort of.


  1. I see what you mean about SHQ cavalry command figures, not bad at all and the horses look reasonable too, I might well invest in a few to fill gaps, roll on our game!!

  2. I've got quite a lot of the Kennington figures and they are very nice. They mix reasonably well with the Tumbling Dice figures also - unfortunately my army was finished before I discovered that John had the LH figures! If you want to see some pics of painted Kenningtons, just shout.


  3. I know exactly what you mean about having limited choice, and being reliant upon extinct ranges. My own Napoleonic adventures were in 15mm, and finding true 15mm figures is difficult to say the least.

    Which is why it feels wonderful being able to talk to Martin at Peter Pig about his ECW range. Plus of course there isn't the whole 'button counting/different turnbacks/special hats for Wednesdays' thing going on with ECW uniforms.

    Those SHQ figures have a real Minifigs look about them. Any relation?

    1. The SHQ Napoleonics were (at least in part) sculpted by the same guy who did Qualiticast. Not sure who did the ECW. These are a bit more cartoon-like than Minifigs - must say I like them. Their horses became something of a house standard, and I used them to good effect with Tumbling Dice riders - makes them look more consistent. SHQ foot a bit chunkier than Les Higgins or HH. All these years later, I'm still happy with figure mix, though some bigger ranges would have made the personalities easier.