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Saturday, 21 March 2015

New Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry - Size Comparison

At the request of Mr L Gunner, here's a quick comparison. My new Foy Figures men are made to 1/72, so are a tad larger than Hinton Hunt (which are not). As enthusiasts for plastic will testify, "1/72" is not an exact global standard either, but these fellows will all serve happily alongside each other in my army, so as far as I'm concerned they are near-enough compatible.

L to R: NapoleoN, Foy/Hagen, Hinton Hunt x 2, Falcata x 2

Hinton Hunt horses a bit shorter in the wheelbase, but that's normal

Links to the Hagen shop are in the previous post.


  1. Thanks for putting up that comparison. I think they are a bit too big to go with my HH Spanish . I see the Spaniards as having poorer horseflesh than the French.mIts a magnificent figure, though.
    However, the Spaniard must be bigger than 1/72 because at that scale a man of the period is going to be less than one inch high?

    1. The Spanish dragoon figure is 24mm to the top of his head, about 22-23mm soles to eyes. This is less than 1 inch tall, as you say, and matches well with NapoleoN, Falcata, Les Higgins 25mm and most 1/72 plastics, but is a bit bigger than Hinton Hunt - agreed - about 1-2mm. I keep Hinton Hunt and Kennington figures in separate units from the others, to avoid direct side-by-side comparisons - it all works out OK.

      If I have a house standard it is probably Higgins' "25mm" figures - "true 25s"? - there's a strange misnomer! That has been the house standard since about 1972 - I fit things around them.

  2. How do Hinton Hunts compare to 20mm RSM95s?

    1. Good morning Captain - they're bigger. HH's are a pretty good size match for Kennington/SHQ and most of the Qualiticast range. They are about 20-21mm to the eye - more modern 20mm figures such as RSM, Bataillon Fleur and even Newline are smaller - not a good match, in my opinion anyway.