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Friday 20 March 2015

Spanish Cavalry 1806-09 - figures now available

I now have samples from my first figure commission - and I'm very pleased with them. These are available from Foy Figures at Hagen - the initial sets are properly illustrated there - we have a set of 3 mounted troopers and one of 3 command figures (officer, standard and trumpeter), and each of these sets is available with a choice of walking or trotting horses. Lovely sculpts from Massimo.

I have done no cleaning up on this chap - this is the officer, just to give an idea. All the horses are made so that reins may be added with wire (if you wish), and the troopers have separate muskets, which have to be glued in place. The figures may be painted as dragoons (yellow uniforms) or line cavalry (dark blue), and I believe they fill a conspicuous gap in the available 20mm (or 1/72) metal ranges for Napoleonic Spanish collectors.

I hope you like them as much as I do!


  1. What a wonderful figure - if only you'd had him done on a squared off Hinton Hunt base!

  2. Very cool, indeed!

  3. He does look rather nice! Reminds me more of a Franklin Mint thing than a war gaming thing...real anatomy! The horse is particularly fine.


  4. Excellent work, Foy old chap!

    Thanks for the plug on my blog. I may well have to invest in some of these, if only to give some variation to the units which run away from the French! ;-)

  5. Great, can we see him against a Hinton hut for scale??

    1. See next post - no problem. Don't mention it.

  6. Great figures.That officer is full of character. That pose (and tache) puts me in mind of pictures of Don Quixote.

  7. ...reminds me f the kind of figure you sometimes see mounted on regimental silver.. lovely!

  8. Thank you all for interest and positive noises - appreciated - I will get some painted up forthwith, but have to get the figures in first. I've never done fusewire reins before - scary - shades of P Gilder...

  9. Lovely figure, loaded with character and the horse is very well sculpted. I like the idea of those reins, Gilders figures always had the reins in the riders hand not sitting on the horses neck!

    I applaud you on this venture, fills a gap in the market.