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Thursday, 5 March 2015

More 1809 Spaniards

I'm very pleased to welcome two new battalions back from being painted. I've based them up, but they are waiting for their flags (as are most of the other 1809 Spanish units) until I can settle down to a bit of mass production - this will require a little peace and quiet, some high-grade printer paper and access to Paintshop Pro on my old Windows computer, but it will be along in the next bucket (as my grandma used to say, though I never understood why).

As ever, Lee has made a lovely job of these. The dark blue fellows are the 1st battalion of the Guardias Walones (Falcata castings), the others are the 1st battalion of Regimiento Irlanda (NapoleoN castings, with a bespoke conversion for the mounted officer). Both of these will line up in Manuel La Pena's Reserve Division - the rest of the army is sorted into boxes, ready for fettling and painting. There's a fair way to go before they are ready to take the field, but I'm very pleased with what's been achieved to date.

Thanks again, Lee!


  1. Two very distinctive Spanish units in the Walloon Guard and Irish Regiment.
    The brushwork on both is quite handsome and a great addition to your project.

  2. The look great ! Cheers Paul

  3. Tony, these lads look splendid!

  4. I can't wait to see the units with flags, the finishing touch!

  5. Great little units. And good to see that the Spanish army was not just white.

  6. Thank you all, gentlemen! I'm getting there - mañana mañana?