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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hooptedoodle #145 - Fever

Had an active musical week - on Tuesday night I was privileged to see the Eric Bibb band at the Fringe by the Sea festival - unbelievable - best concert I've seen in maybe 20 years. Lots of stuff going on all week.

A propos of nothing, really, apart from the fact that it is good music for a warm evening and makes a change from Peggy Lee, here's Maria Muldaur's pleasantly quirky version of Fever:

Cool or what?


  1. Yeah! A great rendition of Fever. Extremely cool.

    Best Regards,


  2. God, I love MM! Superb performer and yet not that popular over here. Oh well . . . (not a reference to Fleetwood Mac!)

  3. Arranger and pianist on this spooky recording is the New Orleans-based David Torkanowsky, who is a fantastic jazz performer almost unknown outside New Orleans. If anyone cares, he is the son of Werner T, who for many years was conductor of the NO Philharmonic - again, a mighty talent whose profile was never high even in the USA.

    Maria Muldaur is marvellous - she has produced some smashing albums (the Peggy Lee one this comes from is an example, also Richland Woman Blues. Her lack of wider appeal is partly due to the fact that she has been recording for years, is now (I am astounded to remind myself) over 70, and her early stuff is associated with periods which are heavily unfashionable now. She was originally involved in the 1960s folk music scene. She as also, let it be said, produced a few dreadful efforts over the years, but I'm sure she's not short of a dollar or two. Agreed - she had a great voice, and she managed to keep her looks and her voice (and her dignity?) longer than (e.g.) Linda Ronstadt (arguably).