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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

250,000 hits and still waffling

I observe that my total of hits on the blog has reached 250,000 - my humble thanks go to everyone who has read my ramblings over the last 4 years and entered into the spirit of the proceedings. I've learned a lot, made some excellent friends and indulged myself shamelessly - thank you all, ever so much.

Since this has always been principally a Napoleonic blog (though sometimes I forget), it seemed appropriate to come up with some truly stirring music, as befits such a glorious moment in my life. I hope you enjoy this, and that you find it as moving as I did:

To follow this, in what was originally intended to be a short season of celebratory pieces, I was hoping tomorrow to provide a link to the legendary (and record breaking) performance of Selections from Carmen, by the senior members' choir of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wavertree, performed underwater in the deep end of Picton Road public baths, but, alas, the clip has been removed from YouTube.

Thus we shall have to make do with William Marx's definitive live performance of John Cage's  4'33" at the McCallum Theatre, Palm Desert, in 1973, followed by the whole of the 2nd season of Strictly Come Dancing.

It should be fantastic.


  1. Congratulations on hitting the 250k milestone!

  2. Congrats on the numbers, but do we have to have Strictly, surly we could stretch to the new BBc wonder show Tumble??

  3. All it needed was backup by kazoo, and it would have been perfect.

    Congrats on the milestone, old chap!

  4. A fully justified quarter of a million hits. Congratulations!

    La Marseillaise - God, I wish we had such a national anthem.

  5. Congrats on the first 1/4million.

    Have to agree with Gary. There's a belting version by La Piaf after the ukelele guy.

  6. Oops! It's not the Little Sparrow apparently. It's Mireille Mathieu.

  7. Well done, sir, and my thanks for making my day with the ukelele chap. Splendid. I shall now go and read Stendahl's Charterhouse of Parma in your honour.

  8. Many thanks, gentlemen - I appreciate your good wishes - I would like to say it was nothing, but the number of Gigabytes of claptrap I've uploaded in four years rather argues against that, and would horrify me if it had been someone else. I'd like to thank my publicity agent, for the loan of a Sharpie pen, my mum, for the recipe for treacle toffee, Manchester Utd, for recently being funnier than we have come to expect, Apple for the mouse with a mind of its own and for the American spelling, Martin, for not sending me an ice-bucket challenge, Zebo, for the quotations in Icelandic, and Rupert Murdoch, for allowing us still to do a few things which don't result in our paying him money.