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Friday 30 August 2013

More ECW Odd-Bods

I've been doing a little more painting - specifically last night, while not watching the Tottenham game. Just a few odd figures which have been waiting around and were beginning to irritate me.

Here's some young chaps proposing to take out Lady Derby's chimney pots once and for all...

...and here's a Royalist general of Foot, with his horse and a minder. The general himself is one of the original Warrior ECW range - definitely not the current ones. Some of these earlier figures are small enough to fit with my 20mm armies.


  1. What a great artillery piece, I'm sure Lady Derby will lose more than her Chim Chimeny pots!

  2. While size is not important that is one hell of a gun!

  3. Now that is a serious piece of ironmongery.

  4. It is big, isn't it? It's from the current Hinchliffe 25mm range, which means it will be a little overscale for my troops, but only a little. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it's OK - in keeping with the faintly cartoon-like quality of the armies - especially the Noggin the Nog style SHQ/Kennington cavalry.

    Check out for Noggin

    As an aside, I fear I am slowly turning into King Knut.

    Painting the map for the general was a challenge. It would be possible to produce a very silly looking map by attempting too much detail (I've achieved this before), but no detail at all and it looks like a pillow-case, or a carry-out, or an amateur effort at bullfighting.

    I also have a pair of honking great siege cannons to paint, but I don't have gunners for them yet and - maybe more seriously - my rules don't cover siege activities yet. Better get on with that - can't have unemployed artillery.

  5. Great looking Mortar and a nice mix of makers vis general, Congrats
    cheers Old John