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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Home Brewed Flags - Spanish Cavalry

Since my newly arrived Spanish light cavalry units have standard bearers - which is extremely unusual for my Napoleonic cavalry - I've had to make an effort to find out a bit more about the subject.

After an amusing afternoon playing around with PaintShop Pro, I've produced a couple of original efforts. I am not overly thrilled by the quality, but I believe that the real things were about 85cm high - you may include or exclude the fringes as you wish - so at approximately 1/72 scale they should print up OK. If they are of interest, please feel free to download and use them, but bear in mind that they are pretty much guesswork. The first one bears the arms of Merida (a town in Estremadura) and the second the royal seal of Ferdinand VII.

If anyone wishes to come up with the genuine regimental standard of the Husares de Estremadura and the Cazadores Voluntarios de Espana then I'll be delighted to use those instead!


  1. These look very nice, I wish I had some troops that I could use them for!!

  2. Ooooh, lovely! I'll have to get some more Spanish cavalry for these!

  3. Nice flags! However, and according to Wise's book (Osprey MAA 115) the Spanish cavalry flags at that era were white, exception made from the Regiment 'del Principe' that was purple.
    Don't worry, my own wargaming units carry non-historical flags!

    1. Hi Rafa - in fact Terry Wise got a fair amount of his Spanish and Portuguese reference material for those books from me, and neither of us really had much idea - I'm mentioned in the references (as I am in Nafziger's book, I think), though not as MSFoy.

      According to the text and the pics in the JM Bueno books, the cavalry flags were mostly red or white - my units both have red!

      Cheers - Tony

    2. It's stories like this that remind how tightly knit the Wargaming mafia is.

      Fine looking flags Foy - I'm green with envy.

    3. Mr Kinch - it also goes to show how easy it is to "form a circle" and have a small group of people quote each other back and forward until something becomes accepted as fact for lack of alternative views - or, alternately, until they disappear up their own exhaust pipe.

      If you like the flags please use them - that's what they are there for!

    4. Wargamers forming a mutual appreciation society - surely not. I am shocked at the very suggestion.

      I do have some very nice Falcata cavalry that are in need of a lick of paint and a flag. I would probably be wiser to finish my Russians first though.


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