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Monday, 26 November 2012

Not the Lobster Award

I've been aware of various blogs showing the Liebster Blog logo - a distinction which I know little about and hadn't really identified with. Since I have always subscribed to a strategy of self-humiliation as the best pre-emptor of humiliation by others, I covered myself by inventing a private joke about my receiving the Lobster Award, an alternative mark of recognition for blogs which fall rather short of popular acclaim. I even considered nominating other, similar blogs for this crustacean form.

Ross - he of the excellent Battle Game of the Month - has rather caught me off-guard by kindly nominating this blog for the for-real Liebster, which throws the whole lobster thing out of whack. Thank you Ross - I do appreciate it, though I am slightly nervous about the amount of homework I need to do next.

I understand that the rules require me to thank Ross for the nomination [tick], display the Liebster logo [at right - tick] and nominate 5 blogs which I like and read regularly, and which have less than 200 followers. Then all I have to do is send comments to those blogs to give them the news - supposedly good.

This is where the homework comes in - many of the blogs I read regularly have already been nominated, or have too many followers - one or two of them haven't been posting recently, and I did consider sending the Blog Police round to check they are all right.

I finished up with the following 5, which doesn't mean that I do not love others which are not listed.

(1) Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures because it's a joy to behold - a classic presentation of lovely pictures of proper old soldiers - and because I still don't understand how Ian gets Hinton Hunts to look that good.

(2) Another, closely related blog which I use a lot for reference is Clive's very fine The Hinton Hunter, which is an absolute gold mine for information and pictures of old Hinton Hunt models and related ranges.

(3) I am a big fan of Lee's A Napoleonic 'therapy' project for 2012, which is an inspirational shop window for the very best of 6mm Napoleonics, with some fabulous work on making hex grid battlefields look good.

(4) I was sure that Harry's Parum Pugna blog would already have been nominated, but I believe it hasn't. I'm not really an Ancients fan, but I love the pictures, and the posts are always humorous and pithy and brief - qualities which impress me especially, since they have all evaded me over the years.

(5) Something a little different - I've recently taken to reading Polemarch, which has a lot of original thought about wargames, philosophy and a whole raft of unlikely subject matter. Recommended.

If anyone wishes to accept it, you can also have a complimentary Lobster Award to go with it.


Next I'll send the comments...


  1. Nice one! I'll check out the blogs!

  2. It is great that your excellent blog has been nominated. Even better as you have identified three blogs that I had not seen previously!
    Congrats and thanks,

    1. Thank you very much, James. I pretend to be alternative, but of course I swell with pathetic satisfaction if someone says something complimentary. As Napoleon is reputed to have said of the Legion d'Honneur, "It is with such baubles that men are led". In my case, the men are in fact lead, but the principle holds good.

      Again, thank you - best regards - Tony

  3. That pole march fella is interesting.

    1. Yes he is - you probably worked it out faster than I, but I think his name is Polem-arch, since he is one of the gurus behind the Polemos rules. Of course, it's probably Pole March, and I'm probably being a buttock again.

    2. Nay, 'tis Polemarch - Po-leh-march phonetically, I'm told.

      Rather pretentiously, it is Greek for 'war leader'; I didn't mean to be that stuck up sounding.

      On the other hand, the Polemarch had no real power after about 500 BC, so perhaps the name is reasonably correct...

    3. Whatever, thank you very much, and welcome to my humble blog. Greek War Leaders are OK with me.