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Thursday, 22 November 2012

ECW - Byron's and Dodding's Regts of Horse

Two new regiments of horse arrived today, splendidly painted by Lee - whose excellent painting services are described here. As ever, there is one for each side, to keep everything balanced and in step.

Col George Dodding's RoH [P] are a serious, well controlled lot. Dodding himself was from Conishall, in the Furness hundred of Lancashire, and his men were raised around Cartmel and Grange-over-Sands. The figures are SHQ/Kennington.

Lord Byron's Regt [R] are maybe a little more exciting in style - noted under my rules as "veteran rash gallopers", which makes them formidable opponents in melee but possibly difficult to keep under control. Figures are by Tumbling Dice - I've used SHQ horses to keep the cavalry units as compatible as possible.

Tomorrow they all get fitted with magnetic sheet under the bases, then they are ready for the light red boxes [not pink...].


  1. I'm glad you like them Tony - I really like those Tumbling Dice figures, very animated. Thanks for the plug for my painting service too :-)


  2. Stern looking fellows those Roundheads - I had hoped to see more debonair Royalists in fancy hats.

    1. There's plenty of big hats to come. I think Lord Byron's units had all served in Ireland - they probably lost their big hats over there.

  3. also thanks for Lee's plug as have emailed him to do some for me
    cheers Old John

    1. Very pleased to hear it, John - it's what blogs are for, innit?

      Cheers - Tony